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Hi, I'm Romarni

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

For years I've been photographing various elements of my life. I've now filled up 4TB worth of storage on my external hand drives and think it's time to do something with it. After all, what are memories for if you can't share them?

"Sometimes simple things are the most difficult to achieve" - Reeves.

Living in such a digital driven era, people are often expected to post everything online, to somewhat prove to others that they are 'doing something with their lives'. This concept of social media has been the reason I've been so reluctant to share my work. I enjoy Instagram and often post pictures of my travels but I still feel apprehensive if I want to post more than one in a day. Perhaps this is a reflection on my own insecurity, but since working in the world of marketing, the need to 'play the game' would suck all the love out of any photograph I'd post. It was no longer for beauty appreciation but #folllowforafollow or #likfeforalike. Although I understand and appreciate the need for such business strategies, for me I want this is be a care free space and I want to post what I love without overthinking it. Posting online can be so easy and simple, but sometimes it's difficult to have the right reason behind posting it. Let's make this one more of a transparent and positive one!

Here I am after my graduation ceremony in 2018 - one of my favourite memories to date. My auntie put together this huge bouquet of flowers and 'surprised' me at the restaurant. (Side-note, I fully knew she was going to pop out from somewhere .. she always does!)

That's all from me for now. Have a fabulous day!

Much love,

Ro x

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