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About Me

'Be grateful for the gift of sight by being proactive about your vision

Hi, I'm Romarni and I'm a Freelancer Photographer/Videographer. I've always been that friend with a camera at hand and wanting to capture every little moment. Photos inform us, inspire us, and amaze us; they are the eyes to the ever-changing world we live in. Pressing pause on a memory is not only special to cherish and reminisce but gives us a purpose to keep going.

My creative eye and love for visual concepts have been a skill I’ve brought and developed in every aspect of my life. Whether it’s to increase message association in a marketing role, heighten the experience in a radio setting, or in a music therapy sense - to increase brain activity within dementia patients. Creating a visual narrative is something my brain has always been wired to do and how I express myself. How better to connect with others than through such a universal language.

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